Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I finally get the pictures downloaded when I say I'm going to download them and then blogger pukes when I try to download them. I'll get them up as soon as blogger starts cooperating. Promise.

Well, here are some other updates that I forgot to mention.

Blood Test Results - I went to the Doctor to get my results from the bloodwork they drew on 10/4. Here they are:

Cholesterol = 157 (total)
HDL = 41.0
LDL = 45.6
Triglycerides = 352 YIKES!!! Should be below 250
Glucose = 76
Calcium = 8.3 (lower limit = 8.5, so I have to start taking a calcium supp. since I already either drink milk each day or have a yogurt.)

I went mainly to get my iron tested, because I had been having problems donating blood.
Hematocrit = 37.5% (too low to donate, but above the 35% lower limit so the Dr.'s not worried)

My white blood count was high too, so the Dr. re-ran the CBC blood test. I should have those result this week.

Even before I had this bloodwork done, I knew I had to go on a "diet". I have been listening to B100, a country music radio station, and they are having Jim Karas come in this weekend to give a lecture on his book, Cardio-Free Diet. You concentrate on strength training and building muscles. I had already planned to attend and it's a good thing too. Got to get the weight under control AND work on those triglycerides. They say the best way to lower the triglycerides is to cut back on sugar and carbs (I love sweets and I love bread). Also, I have decided to go ahead and take the iron supplement each day along with the multi-vitamin and the extra calcium. I have been doing this for the last week and I don't know if it's just a mind thing or not, but I seem to be feeling better. Low iron makes you tired all the time, because red blood cells carry the oxygen around. Therefore low iron means not enough oxygen. I havent' been feeling so extremely tired by the time I go home and I haven't knapped on the sofa before dinner once this week.

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Jim Karas said...

Moonlit Goddess:

I look forward to meeting you on Saturday at the event. Make sure to come up and say hi.

Jim Karas