Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busy Busy Bee

That is exactly what I have been over the last couple of weeks.

I have discovered that who needs a TV in the sewing room when you have access to Books on CD! Only 1 channel comes on the TV anyway. Although I do have a new 'homemade' antenna that works great, but I have to figure out a way to mount it somehow. I'll discuss that another time.

So far, I have listened to 3-4 books on CD while sewing my little heart out. My poor machine doesn't know what hit it.

I mentioned in a previous entry that I had stayed up until almost 4am one night sewing while listening to "The Keepsake" by Tess Gerriston. Well I have since finished: "Terminal Freeze" by Lincoln Child, "Silent Thunder" by Iris & Roy Johansen, "Dead Silence" by Randy Wayne ... (crap forgot his last name). And I just started "Deep Storm" by Lincoln Child on the basement CD player and "The Artic Event" by James Cobb in the car CD player. OK, I admit that I do occasionally read more than 1 book at a time, but the reason I have 2 books on CD going right now is that I was just too lazy last night to go out to the car for the 'current' book.

OK, so while listening to all of these very interesting books, I've been doing some serious sewing.

This quilt started out as a charity quilt project. It was only the striped center. Then I got the wise idea that it needed something, maybe a border or 2. Well non-sewers might not realize this but 'good' fabric is not cheap. I spent too much on the borders and binding (little bit of strip fabric peaking on the bottom right corner) that I don't like giving it to charity. I'm thinking of giving it as a gift to an un-named relative at this point. Don't want to blow the surprise ya know. I have other stuff at home that I can use for a charity project.

Then, while shopping for the border fabric, I saw a pattern for an apron. I've been wanting one, but haven't found one I want to either buy or make yet. This pattern was called "Four Corners Apron." Sorry don't know who it was by, because I didn't actually buy it. I looked at it, thought hmm that's just a big old square set on point. I can do that. So I went home fiddle around with some paper and wallah. I have made 2 so far and have 1 cut out. I have fabric for several others picked out also. Can you guess what everyone's getting for Christmas this year?!?

In between the quilt and the apron, I made this tote bag.

I bought the pattern and a charm pack at the Topeka Quilt Show. It went together very well, however I have discovered that I really do not care for the charm packs. Even though they say each square of fabric is 5 inches, it is NOT. I had to supply several of my own squares for the inside pockets as I was a few short and there was a noticeable difference in the sizes. I did like how the pattern used fusible fleece to stiffen the bag.

I like it so much in fact that I decided to make myself a purse using it. My friend Kathy got a Vera Bradley purse as a gift. The style was exactly what I had been looking for, but I'm sorry Vera's prices are just a bit out of my price rang. Especially for a purse that I will be be 'using' and not just admiring. Anyway, I made this purse patterned after Kathy's purse. It hangs across the body and sits on the hip.

I love knitting, but I really love the instant gratification of sewing. I never could have knitted all of these projects in 2 weeks.

I just have to pass this one along.

I recently received this forwarded email and I just had to share it with everyone. It is hilarious! I just love it!

Recently, in a large English city, a poster featuring a young, thin and tanned woman appeared in the window of a gym.


A middle-aged woman, whose physical characteristics did not match those of the woman on the poster, responded publicly to the question posed by the gym.

To Whom It May Concern:

Whales are always surrounded by friends (dolphins, sea lions, curious humans). They have an active sex life; they get pregnant and have adorable baby whales. They have a wonderful time with dolphins, stuffing themselves with shrimp. They play and swim in the seas, seeing wonderful places like Patagonia, the Barents Sea and the coral reefs of Polynesia. Whales are wonderful singers and have even recorded CDs. They are incredible creatures and virtually have no predators other than humans. They are loved, protected and admired by almost everyone in the world.

Mermaids don't exist. If they did exist, they would be lining up outside the offices of Argentinean psychoanalysts due to identity crisis. Fish or human? They don’t have a sex life because they kill men who get close to them, not to mention how could they have sex? Therefore they don't have kids either. Not to mention who wants to get close to a girl who smells like a fish store? The choice is perfectly clear to me; I want to be a whale.

P.S. We are in an age when media puts into our heads the idea that only skinny people are beautiful, but I prefer to enjoy an ice cream with my kids, a good dinner with a man who makes me shiver and a coffee with my friends. With time we gain weight because we accumulate so much information and wisdom in our heads that when there is no more room it distributes out to the rest of our bodies. So we aren't heavy, we are enormously cultured, educated and happy. Beginning today, when I look at my butt in the mirror I will think, "Good gosh, look how smart I am!"

Friday, July 17, 2009


Another month has almost passed since I blogged. This is beginning to be a re-occurring problem. Several really great things have happened over the last 'almost' month, and at the time, I think "This will make a really great blog entry", but when it comes to actually doing it I've been failing miserably.

Things of note:
1. I went the the Shipshewanna and Topeka Quilt Shows at the end of June. Road down with several other quilty friends. Bought several discount quilt books at the Topeka show and a nice charm pack w/tote pattern (not discounted sadly). I recognized several quilts hanging at the ShipShe Quilt Show. Congratulations to Michelle S. for winning 2nd place with her quilt. I saw Marrianne Fons, of Fons and Porter, while I was walking around the show. She had given a talk the day before. I tried to kinear (sp?) a photo of her, but only got the back of her as she was walking away. I personnally wouldn't want a photo of my backside posted all over the net, so I will refrain from doing that to someone else. I thought about stopping her and asking to have my photo taken with her, but thought 'No, don't bother her while she's enjoying some time alone.'

2. Spent the 4th with Family. My Aunt Hattie came up from Kentucky for a visit. Honestly, that is her name. Although I didn't know it until I was in my mid-20's, because the whole time she was going by her middle name. The first time I heard someone talking about Hattie moving to Kentuck, I was totally lost. I mean I knew Aunt Marie was moving, but who was Hattie? Was she moving near Aunt Marie? Were they going to travel down together? Imagine my surprise when I discovered that half of my Mom's sisters had all been going by their middle names and I never knew this.

3. Stayed up unitl 4 am one night sewing and listening to a book on CD (The Keepsake by Tess Gerritsen). I was so hooked by the story that I actually had to find more sewing to do just so I had an excuse to stay up listening to it.

4. Finally met someone with my same last name that I wasn't related too. You're gonna think this is stupid, but I'm 30+ year old and my whole life, people have been asking me "Do you know so-and-so Moon, are you related to so-and-so Moon?" The answer has always been no, but I couldn't help think "if all these other people know a Moon, why have I never met one?" Honestly as many times as I get asked you would think there were more Moon's than you could shake a stick at running around in the world. But this month I met one!!! She came to my quilt guild meeting. No, I'm not related to her either. Her husbands family is from ID or IA originally. I hope I didn't scare her. I was so excited to finally meet another Moon. Ok it's the small things that keep me happy.

OK, gotta go, but I'll fill you in more later.