Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just Things

I wanted to let everyone know that my brother, mother and I installed the drop ceiling in the sewing room on Saturday. Yeah! Pictures will be forthcoming.

I got up at 7ish and remembered that I needed to put the drywall 'repair patch' above the closet door before we could start on the ceiling. So I started working at 7:30 am. Yawn! I got the closet taken care of, then started on the baseboard trim. I didn't get it completely finished, as the door trim will go down to the floor and the baseboard trim will butt up against it. Since I don't have the trim either picked out or bought yet, I wasn't sure it how wide it would be, so I didn't get it quite finished. I can still start moving things down, as long as I don't set things near those spots.

Then I started cleaning up so that we wouldn't be tripping over things. I even moved 'stuff' from in front of the mattress that is for the spare bedroom. The plan was to move the kitchen table downstairs (it will become my cutting table) and [temporarily] put the mattress set in the kitchen. That way once the spare bedroom is cleared out, I can move the mattress set in there by myself to set up the bed. I do have another smaller kitchen table that I bought from my late Aunts estate. It currently resides in my parents garage, but I will need to get it soon, so they can park in there when the snow comes.

Anyway, after 1 false start and a trip to Lowes, the ceiling went up pretty quickly. Although trying to get back home from Lowes was a bit of the challenge. This weekend was the Apple Festival. We left just as the parade was starting and so got out OK, but trying to get back was a bit of a nightmare.

By the time we got done and my brother left, it was 8:30. God was I so tired! 13 hours of work!!! And my bum ankle was killing me. I actually had to break out the crutches and the big pain pill in order to get to sleep. Although I don't really think it lessened the pain, it just knocked me out. I was hobbling around most of Sunday at work. But I made sure to wear my ankle brace (applied bengay) and took tylenol every 4 hours. By Monday it was better. I still get a twinge every now in then, but it's manageable now.

I had planned to go to knit night tonight, but I'm going away this weekend and need to start packing. I also thought I could get a head start on carrying some stuff down to the basement. Not too many trips though, because I want to be able to enjoy walking around this weekend. Although since it is a quilt retreat, I will be sitting at the sewing machine for most of it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You Know....

You know it time to put away the sandals and start wearing socks when you have shove your fleece lined jacket under the desk and wrap it around your feet.

PS: Things have been happening, I just haven't been feeling very wordy lately. I'll catch you all up later.

Friday, September 19, 2008

So Close I Can Almost Taste It.

Last weekend turned out to be a 'comedy of errors' type of weekend as I started working on my basement. Took a half day's vacation on Friday. I planned to go to Lowe's with my list of must haves, then go right home and get lots of work done.

Closet light fixture & bulbs
2 1 x12 x12 boards cut down of course to fit in the Taurus
Door stop trim
Threshold trim

As I was getting ready to leave, I thought I would check my voice mail 1 last time to see if there was anything really really urgent. Instead I got a message from my boss regarding an issue we had been discussing whereupon he told me to just "Chill, Bill". He and I have worked together for 13 years and we joke around, so I know that is what he meant to do, but it just hit me the wrong way at the wrong time. I called him back (because he was on vacation too), got his voice mail and left a scathing reply back that said something to the effect that "I'm probably taking your comment the wrong way, but I didn't appreciate it' and ended with "If you want me to be a bitch, I can be a bitch." Several miles down the road, he calls back, refrains from mentioning my bitch comment and we calmly discuss the original issue and get it cleared up.

So anyway, that kind of put a damper on my plans for the day. I did go to Lowes and get my supplies, however when I got home, I decided I just wasn't in the mood to tink around in the basement. I should have, because you remember my previous post "There Just Nothing like a Good Mad!" I probably would have finished the whole basement singlehandedly. But I decided to put everything off until Saturday.

Saturday morning dawned rainy and dreary. Perfect time to be in the basement getting things done, right? First projects was to get the bi-fold closet doors hung. The instructions were a bit sketchy, so I had to make several trips to the storage room, which has an identical set of doors. Finally all the hardware was up and the corresponding hardware was installed on the doors. I lift up the left door, carry over to the closet opening, set it down so I can get a better grip as lift it into position. I look up to seek exactly where I should move it, but instead notice the HUGE gap between the top of the door and the installed track. I mean HUGE. The closet door frame was 3.75 inches too tall. Hmmm, what's the saying about measuring twice before covering everything with drywall. OK, maybe that is not exactly how the saying goes, but it sure fits. Since time is limited (I have a family reunion at 3pm) I set the closet door aside and figured I'd think about how to fix it a little later after I have calmed down.

Now on to the door frame. Before you ask, it is a pre-hung door/frame, so yes it fits perfectly. :oP It was a freebie door, and it was missing the trim along the inside of the door which stops the door from going all the way through. Appropriately named 'door stop' trim, which I had bought at Lowes. I also needed to install a threshold trim across the bottom of the door, so you didn't trip on the vinyl flooring. I worked on the threshold first. Got it cut (has to be a tight fit) and stained then set it aside to dry. And it fit perfectly too. OK on to the trim. Got the 2 side pieces cut first. Figured I would install them, then measure for the top piece. Went into the storage room to get the pack of finishing nails that I didn't have on the Lowes list because I have some already. I open the pack and wouldn't you just know it. There was only 1 fricking nail left!!!

At this point, I just gave up for the day.

However on Monday night when I got out of work, I stopped at Walmarts for batteries and picked up my nails. When I got home, it was kind of late (I had stopped at a couple other places too), but I decided to go ahead and work on the basement anyway. I not only got the door stop trim installed, I got the frame painted too. I also got the first 2x4 installed for the "new" closet door frame.

Then last night, I worked on cutting the window sill boards (remember the 1x12x12 boards from Lowes?). I didn't nail them in yet, because the are a bit wider than the actual sill. I marked them and brought them into work today. Our maintenance guy was able to cut them down for me. But here is a photo of what they will look like when installed.

The window sill will be approximately 11 inches deep. The area to the right is the main cutoff for water coming into the house. Once the ceiling goes up, I will measure and install a door to cover it up.

I decided to tackle the closet one more time. I figured if it proved to be too much of a hassle, I would just wait for my Dad to get here on Saturday. But, I not only finished up the closet door frame, I got the doors hung too. Woohoo! Woohoo! (FYI, the top area will be covered by a wide piece of trim and you'll never know it's even there.)

I'm planning on staining the window sill wood tonight along with some more trim. I thought I had it all stained, but only the top 5 pieces were done. Dad is coming on Saturday to help me re-install the heating duct that we had to move when we put up the walls. We might start on the trim too, but I can work on that throughout the week. And next weekend my brother is coming to install the drop ceiling.

So see, I am SOOO close to having the sewing room D-O-N-E!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Getting closer!

My Dad, brother and I installed the vinyl flooring in the basement on Saturday.

I thought we would just take measurements, transfer those to the back of the vinyl and then cut it out. No, that is not how my dad does it. First we had to use rolls of paper to make a "template" of the room, including the closet walls and doorway. Then we took that outside and laid it out upside down of course on the back of the vinyl that was laying in the yard. Then we taped it down and used magic markers to trace around it. Then we cut it. It was an interesting experience, however the backs of my thighs hurt so much from bending over and crouching down. Thankfully my Dad had a pair of those rubber knee protectors, otherwise those would have ached too.

Now I just have to let it "relax" for a couple of days (less if it were warmer) but with the chill weather that we have been having the last couple of days, I have to wait longer. Then I can put up the baseboard and trim. Planning on starting that this Friday night/Saturday morning.

On Saturday, I am going to a Ravelry meet up at my LYS "The Red Purl." Wasn't sure that I was going to be able to go, because my mom announced that we are having a family reunion/picnic at her house that day. But I found out that it doesn't start until 3pm. That gives me plenty of time to visit at The Red Purl.

BTW, I got my car back. I looks so nice and, I don't know if I'm imagining it or not, but it feels like it drives better too. They even vacuumed it! Which it really really needed, because the last time I mowed lawn, I didn't realize I left the windows down on the car and ended up blowing grass clippings in to it.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


So here are a couple of pictures of the quilts that I picked up from Barb on Monday. They have both been finished for several years, but I just didn't have the money to get them quilted. Barb had a great Quilt 1 and get the second quilted for 1/2 off sale going.

I don't remember the name of this first quilt, it was in a Christmas quilt book/magazine, but I of course found some great green/purple batik to use instead. I do remember that all the other fabrics came from the same line and were on the clearance rack at JoAnns.

And here is a close up of the back side. It really shows off the quilting that Barb did. She has a computerized long-arm quilting machine, and I like how she was able to manipulate 1 design to fill so many different areas.

And this is my Stack-n-Whack. Although it is the only one that I have done, I had a great time doing it and I have bought other fabrics to use on another S-n-W.

And here is a close-up of the back side showing the different quilting motifs used.

I have the binding sewed onto the Purple Star Quilt. I actually finished that at about 6:55am this morning. Woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. I still have to do the hand work part, but I can work on that on Sunday when I'm at work.

PS - Car Update - I talked to the owner of John's Body Shop last night and was informed that I may be getting my car back either today or Friday. He was painting it last night and then had to finish putting the light assembly back in. Can't believe I will be getting it back so soon. He just started on it on Tuesday. Wow!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I know I did.

First though, let me catch you up on the latest news regarding my car. I actually heard from the field adjustor on Friday afternoon, that she had looked at my car, worked up an estimate (approx. $2200), wrote the check and left it in the car. I was not happy to hear that she had left the check in my unlocked car. She said since the car was unlocked and the key was under the mat, she assumed it was a 'safe' neighborhood. Duh, you can't drive the car! So there was really no risk in leaving it unlocked. But regardless of what neighborhood I lived in, I still wasn't comfortable with the fact that she left a $1700 check in my unlocked car. DAMN! I did find out later, that the check did arrive intact at the body shop. He is going to be working on the repairs this week. Hoping to get the car back next week. Will keep you updated.

On Saturday, my Mom's longtime friend Eli and her Mother (Mama C) were in town from TX & GA. We got together at her daughter Luci's house for a bit. They were planning on having a get together/B-day party on Sunday for Luci, however I had to work. Mama C was so funny. She came for a 2 week visit and only brought 2 suits of cloths. She told me she never packs a lot when so goes to Eli's house because Eli always gives her cloths. Sounds like a Catch-22 situation to me. She doesn't take a lot of cloths because Eli give her some, but Eli only gives her some because she does take enough. :o) She is so sweet and she tells some really funny stories about her youth and her family. It's always fun to visit with her.

On Sunday before I went to work, I cut out and started sewing a new purse for myself. I finished Sunday night when I got home at 10:30. I have made several sewn purses for myself over the years, but invariably I end up not liking them after I get them done. This one I like. It hangs from your shoulder across your chest to the opposite hip. I've already determined where I want to tweak the pattern when I make another one. The first thing will be to use matching zippers. You can just see the pale blue one peaking out between the black and the pretty fabric.

On Monday, I went fabric shopping with my friend Patsy. We went down to see the "new" Calico Point quilt store. It is run by a Menonite lady and it used to be in her basement, but they built a separate building and it re-opened in July. More room = More fabric. Yeah! It's the small things that just make you so happy. Anyway I needed some more fabric for my Fall Quilt Guild Retreat Project. I am making a Mexican Tiles Pattern by the Quilt Diva (Kay). I had most of my fabrics, but I needed a some turquoise blue and a light pink and maybe a white-on-white fabric. I decided if I didn't find a W-on-W, it was no big deal, as I could use a couple different ones from my stash to make up the difference. I was trying to be frugal. That basically was the only thing I was looking for. HOWEVER, that is not exactly what I found. I found the pink, but neither of the other 2 fabrics. Then I walked by the clearance and found the pretty purple flower fabric with a black background. Then I found 2 pale-ish purples to go with it. Then I found this Gorgeous red and tan Poppy fabric with a black background and a coordinating red/black print. I just loved it!

But before you think I totally lost it and broke the bank buying all this fabric, I should tell you that Calico Point has really (and I mean really!) good prices on quality brand fabric. You quilters out there will recognize a few of the lines she carries: Hoffman, Northcott, Lakehouse, Michael Miller, Timeless Treasures, etc. Most quilt stores sell their fabrics for $8 to $10 per yard. Calico Point sells theirs for $4 to $6 per yard. It's almost a crime not to buy at those prices, especially if it is something you absolutely can't live without! Am I right? You know I am.

Then, just because we were in the neighborhood, we stopped at JoAnn's to see what they had in their Labor Day Sale. I found my turquoise and W-on-W fabric, plus a coffee fabric that I didn't have.

We also stopped by Barb's house to pick up a couple of quilts that I had dropped off in July to be quilted. Barb had a summer sale going on. Quilt 1 and get 1 quilted at half off. I haven't taken pictures of them yet, but I will. I'm hoping to go home tonight and get the binding started. My Hartford quilt group is having a quilt show on Sept 20th and I want to hang them in the show.