Friday, April 9, 2010

Quilt Challenge Pictures

First Place - Diane H.
Song = With a Little Help From my friends
I have this pattern and have been wanting to make. Now I have inspiration!

Second Place - Sandy M.
Song = The Scotsman

Third Place - Joan G.
Song = Red Sails at Sunset
Sorry, I didn't get a picture of hers.

Other participants:

Helen M
Song = On the Street Where You Live

Helen M
Song = Lavender Blue
MaryBeth P
Song = Moonlight Sonata

Sorry, I didn't get pictures of the last ones.
Joan G.
Song = Anchors Away

Joan G.
Song = Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

I forgot to write down the name of the last participant, but her song was "Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries."

Quilt Guild Challenge Results

I won Second Place!!!

I was really pleased with all the chatter about my quilt. And it was funny that most people didn't guess that it was mine. So without further ado here it is:

Can you guess the song? Take a good look at it; even click on it if you have to to enlarge it. Well, if you guessed the folk song "The Scotsman" then you are correct.

Here is a close up of the Trapunto quilting technique I was telling you about from my last blog entry. Hey every Scotsman quilt should have six-pack abs don't you think?

As you may know, this song address what a Scotsman really wears underneath his kilt. Well, my version had to be 'family' friendly as it will be hung at out quilt show in a public library. So, this is what my Scotsman has underneath his kilt.

Below is a video of the lyrics and the music from youtube. I first heard this song sung by my friend Nancy Flanagan. She plays the Mountain Dulcimer and graced us with a small concert at one of out first quilt retreats. I've loved it ever since. I hope you enjoy it too.

I really had a blast making this quilt. It was so much fun! I've been knitting so much this winter that I had forgotten how much I really enjoy quilting. It's so stimulating and yet relaxing too to cut up a bunch of fabric and sew it back together.

I'll post pictures of the other challenge quilts in a separate post.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Challenge Quilt

We have had 3 quilt challenges at my quilt guild. The first one I did not even do. I can't remember what it was, but I wasn't feeling it so I didn't even attempt it. The second one was the paint chip challenge. I finished my top, but didn't get it quilted. I still don't have it quilted, big surprise right!?! Then, last year, Helen issued a new quilt challenge for us. We have to pick a song and then make a quilt based on that song. I thought and thought, but couldn't come up with a song that I would like to do. Then one day "THE" song popped into my head and I knew it would be perfect, IF I could figure out the logistics of it. Well, I played around with the idea for awhile even embellished the idea a bit. Of course I procrastinated the whole year away, but eventually started on it about 2 weeks ago.

I'm so excited to say it is almost done. All I have to do is put the binding on it, which I am planning on doing tonight. Sorry, I cannot tell you what it is yet. But we will be turning them in on Thursday night. So I'll post pictures on Friday.

I will give you a little hint. One of the special effects I used was Trapunto, which is a quilting technique that is quite decorative in that it utilizes at least two layers, and is then padded from the underside. This produces a raised surface on the quilt. This style originated in Italy before the fourteenth century. This was my first attempt at trapunto, but I do think it turned out very well.

I can't wait for you guys to see it.