Monday, October 12, 2009

2009 Internet Quilt Festival

Park City Girl started an internet quilt show last year, that I thought was just great. Everyone displays their favorite quilt and then links it back to her blog, where she has a list of participants.

So I thought I would post my fav's here today.

This is called Siamese Elegance. It was made as part of my Quilt Guilds Challenge, which was called the Paint Chip Challenge. What you do is take your initials and find 3 paint chip colors that start with the first letter of your initial. Then use those colors plus a background color, if you want, to make a quilted project. It can be any size or shape. My colors are: Stoney Fields (Taupe), Alpaca (Cream) and Magma (Black). I took a backwards approach to this, because I made the quilt I wanted with 3 colors and then found paint chips to match my colors. And let me tell you, trying to find one that was black that started with either a S, A, or M was extremely hard.

Yes, I said Fav's, which is plural. I thought I would add a second quilt to the show.

This is my Stack-N-Whack quilt. Although it is the only one that I have currently done, I had a great time doing it and I have bought other fabrics to use for more Stack-n-Whack quilts.

For more quilts, please click here.


Kay said...

These are both beautiful! You do good stuff, girl!

It occurred to me that the one I posted for this blog show would work for Helen's challenge next year. Of course, I made it about 8 years ago, so.. :)

Zonnah said...

Both are beautiful. I really like the cat one.

SewCalGal said...

Beautiful. Both quilts are absolutely lovely.

Thanks for sharing and for participating in the Bloggers Quilt Festival.


Barb said...

I love the kitty quilt. Thanks for sharing them both. I love the colors in the second one -

s'me said...

Gorgeous colour combinations.

Anonymous said...

Oh my!? I LOVE your Siamese Elegance quilt!!! You did a wonderful job capturing their expression! Love it and your reserved color palette...VERY effective! Thanks for sharing.