Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I know I did.

First though, let me catch you up on the latest news regarding my car. I actually heard from the field adjustor on Friday afternoon, that she had looked at my car, worked up an estimate (approx. $2200), wrote the check and left it in the car. I was not happy to hear that she had left the check in my unlocked car. She said since the car was unlocked and the key was under the mat, she assumed it was a 'safe' neighborhood. Duh, you can't drive the car! So there was really no risk in leaving it unlocked. But regardless of what neighborhood I lived in, I still wasn't comfortable with the fact that she left a $1700 check in my unlocked car. DAMN! I did find out later, that the check did arrive intact at the body shop. He is going to be working on the repairs this week. Hoping to get the car back next week. Will keep you updated.

On Saturday, my Mom's longtime friend Eli and her Mother (Mama C) were in town from TX & GA. We got together at her daughter Luci's house for a bit. They were planning on having a get together/B-day party on Sunday for Luci, however I had to work. Mama C was so funny. She came for a 2 week visit and only brought 2 suits of cloths. She told me she never packs a lot when so goes to Eli's house because Eli always gives her cloths. Sounds like a Catch-22 situation to me. She doesn't take a lot of cloths because Eli give her some, but Eli only gives her some because she does take enough. :o) She is so sweet and she tells some really funny stories about her youth and her family. It's always fun to visit with her.

On Sunday before I went to work, I cut out and started sewing a new purse for myself. I finished Sunday night when I got home at 10:30. I have made several sewn purses for myself over the years, but invariably I end up not liking them after I get them done. This one I like. It hangs from your shoulder across your chest to the opposite hip. I've already determined where I want to tweak the pattern when I make another one. The first thing will be to use matching zippers. You can just see the pale blue one peaking out between the black and the pretty fabric.

On Monday, I went fabric shopping with my friend Patsy. We went down to see the "new" Calico Point quilt store. It is run by a Menonite lady and it used to be in her basement, but they built a separate building and it re-opened in July. More room = More fabric. Yeah! It's the small things that just make you so happy. Anyway I needed some more fabric for my Fall Quilt Guild Retreat Project. I am making a Mexican Tiles Pattern by the Quilt Diva (Kay). I had most of my fabrics, but I needed a some turquoise blue and a light pink and maybe a white-on-white fabric. I decided if I didn't find a W-on-W, it was no big deal, as I could use a couple different ones from my stash to make up the difference. I was trying to be frugal. That basically was the only thing I was looking for. HOWEVER, that is not exactly what I found. I found the pink, but neither of the other 2 fabrics. Then I walked by the clearance and found the pretty purple flower fabric with a black background. Then I found 2 pale-ish purples to go with it. Then I found this Gorgeous red and tan Poppy fabric with a black background and a coordinating red/black print. I just loved it!

But before you think I totally lost it and broke the bank buying all this fabric, I should tell you that Calico Point has really (and I mean really!) good prices on quality brand fabric. You quilters out there will recognize a few of the lines she carries: Hoffman, Northcott, Lakehouse, Michael Miller, Timeless Treasures, etc. Most quilt stores sell their fabrics for $8 to $10 per yard. Calico Point sells theirs for $4 to $6 per yard. It's almost a crime not to buy at those prices, especially if it is something you absolutely can't live without! Am I right? You know I am.

Then, just because we were in the neighborhood, we stopped at JoAnn's to see what they had in their Labor Day Sale. I found my turquoise and W-on-W fabric, plus a coffee fabric that I didn't have.

We also stopped by Barb's house to pick up a couple of quilts that I had dropped off in July to be quilted. Barb had a summer sale going on. Quilt 1 and get 1 quilted at half off. I haven't taken pictures of them yet, but I will. I'm hoping to go home tonight and get the binding started. My Hartford quilt group is having a quilt show on Sept 20th and I want to hang them in the show.

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