Friday, July 17, 2009


Another month has almost passed since I blogged. This is beginning to be a re-occurring problem. Several really great things have happened over the last 'almost' month, and at the time, I think "This will make a really great blog entry", but when it comes to actually doing it I've been failing miserably.

Things of note:
1. I went the the Shipshewanna and Topeka Quilt Shows at the end of June. Road down with several other quilty friends. Bought several discount quilt books at the Topeka show and a nice charm pack w/tote pattern (not discounted sadly). I recognized several quilts hanging at the ShipShe Quilt Show. Congratulations to Michelle S. for winning 2nd place with her quilt. I saw Marrianne Fons, of Fons and Porter, while I was walking around the show. She had given a talk the day before. I tried to kinear (sp?) a photo of her, but only got the back of her as she was walking away. I personnally wouldn't want a photo of my backside posted all over the net, so I will refrain from doing that to someone else. I thought about stopping her and asking to have my photo taken with her, but thought 'No, don't bother her while she's enjoying some time alone.'

2. Spent the 4th with Family. My Aunt Hattie came up from Kentucky for a visit. Honestly, that is her name. Although I didn't know it until I was in my mid-20's, because the whole time she was going by her middle name. The first time I heard someone talking about Hattie moving to Kentuck, I was totally lost. I mean I knew Aunt Marie was moving, but who was Hattie? Was she moving near Aunt Marie? Were they going to travel down together? Imagine my surprise when I discovered that half of my Mom's sisters had all been going by their middle names and I never knew this.

3. Stayed up unitl 4 am one night sewing and listening to a book on CD (The Keepsake by Tess Gerritsen). I was so hooked by the story that I actually had to find more sewing to do just so I had an excuse to stay up listening to it.

4. Finally met someone with my same last name that I wasn't related too. You're gonna think this is stupid, but I'm 30+ year old and my whole life, people have been asking me "Do you know so-and-so Moon, are you related to so-and-so Moon?" The answer has always been no, but I couldn't help think "if all these other people know a Moon, why have I never met one?" Honestly as many times as I get asked you would think there were more Moon's than you could shake a stick at running around in the world. But this month I met one!!! She came to my quilt guild meeting. No, I'm not related to her either. Her husbands family is from ID or IA originally. I hope I didn't scare her. I was so excited to finally meet another Moon. Ok it's the small things that keep me happy.

OK, gotta go, but I'll fill you in more later.

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Kay said...

I enjoyed this post. I had an Aunt Hattie, but like you I thought it was a weird name. But then a few years ago a former student of my hubbie's named her baby Henrietta Louise and they call her Hattie Lou. Odd, but cute. So maybe it's coming back.