Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pufpaff Fiber Mill Photos

Here are the photos from the Pufpaff Fiber Mill. The sheep are for sale at I think $200 each, but if you want the whole flock, she'll make you a deal.

On the way out to see the livestock, we walked past the garden. I don't know why HUGE pumpkins are so fascinating, but they are.

And here is the carding machine process. In the first picture, Suzanne (the owner/operator) is feeding cleaned merino fleece into the carding machine. She weighed it first and I think she said she had 12 oz. Then you see the see the "combed" fibers coming off the central drum and being twisted into one long strand. The last photo is of the light fluffy beautiful merino roving being collected into a bag. Vicki bought it and I think she paid for 8 oz. It was soo soft.

And this last photo is of the hand felted project that I completed. I forgot to get photos of the Jessica's, Elizbeth's and the one Vicki brought home.

We all had a really good time. Everyone was talking about trying to do another tour at a fiber mill down near Indianapolis and I think that would be fun too.

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