Thursday, October 4, 2007

Good Thoughts

After I posted the Doctor's visit information, I decided that all sounded too negative. So here are some brighter things to think about.

1. Went to Bella Vita and visited with a bunch of knitting friends last night. Aubrey, Elizabeth, Natsuran, Kristine, Jessica, Mary, Susan, Sarah and Sarah's Mom. We had a good time and I got some more of my Monkey Sock done.

2. This Saturday is the Frog Pond bi-monthly get together. We get to see Susan's new house and visit. There will be lots of spinning, knitting, visiting, and eating going on.

3. Next week I have the 12th off as a vacation day and I don't have to work on the basement!! Several of my Frog Pond friends and I will be traveling to Allegan, MI to visit Pufpaff's Fiber Mill. Liz, Jessica, Vicki, Chris, and Me.

4. Quilt Retreat is coming up on Oct. 19-21. I get to visit will all of the Tuesday Night Crazy Quilters from around Hartford, MI. I am taking Landon's toddler quilt with me and IT MUST BE COMPLETED. No more slacking! The weather is getting cool at night and he will need it on his bed.

So there, good thoughts and a very busy month.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry for the yucky day. I think the doctor should occasionally have to wait for me...maybe every 3rd visit or something. Glad there was nothing too scary, though.
-Secret Pal