Monday, October 29, 2007

1st Week Weigh-In

B100 Fit Club Update: I have completed my first week on "The Cardio Free Diet" by Jim Karas. Really, the diet is not hard to follow at all it just involves counting calories, which I have never done before. I just keep a log of everything I eat and since I love playing around with spreadsheets I made up a spreadsheet to track everything and automatically add everything up. I also added a tab that has my exercises on it and one to track my weight and one to track inches lost. Did I mention I love to play around with spreadsheets!! :o)

I have tried a couple of the recipes from the book that I would not normally have tried. They were both really good; the Grilled Salmon and the Creamy Eggs with Spinach and Tomato. I was a bit leery about the Creamy Eggs, because in my mind I have never added creamy, eggs, and spinach together. But I took a chance and they were good. Next time though I won't cook the tomatoes in it. I like them raw and just layered over the top better.

I emailed my results to Deb, the Dazzling Divas team leader, this morning. I have lost 8 lbs in the first week of my diet. I am so excited!!!

UFO Updates: I got half of the binding done on Landon's Toddler Quilt. I just couldn't watch the "Transformers" movie and sew at the same time. I thought I was supposed to see McKelle this Friday, but nope it's not until next Friday. So I have one week reprieve . I will finish it next Sunday.

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MUDNYC said...

Yay, Goddess! Your progress is great. I bet it helps having someone (the other divas) to feel accountable to. Keep it up!