Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jan Got her Socks!

Yeah, I just got word from my Monkey Swap Pal that she did get her package. Only she was away visiting her daughter when it was delivered. I am so relieved. I was paranoid that the PO had just dropped it on her doorstep and some unknown knitting junky had driven by and snatched it. Here is the link Jan's post. Now that I know she has everything OK, I will post my own pictures of the items. She loved the socks, which makes me real happy. This was my first swap and I had such a good time putting it all together. When I first started the swap, no matter where I looked, I could only find stuffed Monkeys. Everyone else was finding stuff all over the place, but not me. But I did find enough stuff and was able to through in a few extras. And I'm glad she like the stethoscope cover I made out of Monkey Fabric that I found at Erica's. I was worried after I sent it because someone mentioned that some offices weren't allowing their nurses to wear them because after one use they weren't sterile anymore. But she said she's using it and that she like it. I just got this great glow this morning, knowing that she was happy with her stuff.

B100 Fit Club Update:

Today was Weigh-In Wednesday, where B100 announced all of the teams weight loss results. I really didn’t hear all of the non-DJ teams results, although I did catch that 1 team lost 30 pounds. I think it was a Goshen team. The results for the DJ teams are as follows:

Super Jock Jamie & the Couch Potatoes = Lost 25 lbs.
Deb Miles & the Dazzling Divas = Lost 30 lbs. (This is my team)
Cody & the Chunky Monkeys = Lost 58 lbs.

I am so amazed at everyone!! Great job to all of us.

I “fell off the wagon” last night. Well, not totally. I went to a function at ND about weaving. They said they would have snacks and drinks. Was hoping for a veggie tray, but all they had were chips/salsa and cheese tortillas halves. Well, I had about 10 chips with salsa and 1 small cheese tortilla half and a bottle of water. Then for dinner, I stopped at Martins Deli and got a salad with garlic wine vinegar dressing. The only thing was that I really didn’t have any protein except the little bit of cheese that was in the tortilla. So this morning, I was starving by the time I had breakfast.

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Jan said...

I loved everything Sandy. You are a great swap partner and super sock knitter. I wore my monkeys to work today! :)