Monday, October 22, 2007

Retreat Follow-up & B100 Fit Club News

I was away at quilt retreat this weekend. It was great fun. I got completed almost everything that I had planned. YES the binding is on Landon's quilt. I have to hand sew it down, but actually putting the binding on by machine is the tough part. I will work on the hand sewing this week and finish it up on Sunday at work. I also finished my Celtic Wall hanging. It turned out beautifully and I got lots of compliments. I finished 2 of the buck-a-block blocks, but the other 3 are all partially sewed. I just have 3 seams on each one and they will be done. I probably would have got them done if I hadn't taken a couple hours off on Saturday to go to the B100 Fit Club, but it's no big deal.

What is th B100 Fit Club, you ask? It was sponsored by B100, our local country music station. They brought in Jim Karas, author of The Cardio-Free Diet. The plan was that he would give us a bit of a lecture and a "light" workout to explain the some of the strength training exercises from his book. Which I thought would be very helpful to know, because I'm a visual person and I learn better by being shown something than having to read it and do it on my own. I loved the whole experience! He's a great speaker and I felt so motivated and pumped to get started. But that was not a "light" workout. As least for me it wasn't. I was really feeling it in my arms/shoulders and back yesterday. I felt great and invigorated afterwards, but it was tough. Also, the 3 morning DJ's from B100 (Deb, Cody, and Super Jock Jamie) chose members of the audience to be a part of their own personal teams for the 12 week Fit Club event. Then the rest were split up by region and/or offices if a group of people all came from one office. I was one of the members chosen to be on Deb Miles team. There are 9 of us: Sharon, Barb, Ann, Kim, Kim T., Tamara, Kathy, Sandy. Sorry, I can't remember the final members name. Deb announced on the radio this morning that the name of our team is going to be The Dazzling Divas. At least we aren't Chunky Monkey's. Bit is not the names that are important, it the commitment and effort we are all putting forth. Jim Karas had left a comment on my blog earlier last week, and I was so blown away by that. I thought it was wonderful that he would do that. I got to meet him and have my picture taken with him. I will post it later as it is not downloaded yet. I don't know about anyone else, but I had a really great time and I wanted to thank B100 and it's staff for setting this all up. It is just what I needed right now.


MUDNYC said...

Good luck with the Dazzling Divas. I know you'll do great, you are very dedicated!

And pumpkin seeds are healthy! Just put a little bit of olive oil on them and pop them in the oven until they just start to brown (not too much brown though or they'll be burnt). You eat the whole thing, casing and all. Of course they're best with a little salt, too, but not so healthy then...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your productive weekend. I just wanted to let you know that a box full-o-monkey-goodness is on its way to you. Hope you enjoy!

monkey pal