Friday, October 26, 2007

Monkeys Revealed!!

I stopped by the PO last night on my way home to get my package. I was so worried that I wouldn't make it before they closed. There was a car accident and 4 lanes of traffic had to be detoured a couple of blocks out of the way. I pulled into the parking lot at 5pm and thought for sure I'd have to come back tomorrow. I raced inside and guess what, their open until 6pm! So I rushed for nothing. When I got up to the counter, I couldn't find my orange slip. I thought for sure I had put it in my purse, so I wouldn't lose it. Had a bit of a panic attack, thinking I wouldn't be able to get my package, but luckily they accepted my drivers license and handed me the package. Was a bit worried, they would try asking me who the package was from for further verification. Because unlike myself, my secret pal was VERY good at keeping her identity a secret.

I found I had some help trying to get the box open. Java decided since I set the box on HIS perch, it must be worth investigating.

And here are all the lovely items that I received from Kary in Oklahoma. My new Sock Monkey is perfect. The colors will match my sewing room (once it's done). I also received a Sock Monkey Calendar, notebook and stitch markers. A monkey tape measure and some lovely denim blue Koigu sock yarn with 2 Cookie A. patterns; Mona and Thelonious. I think I'll use the Koigu on the Mona Socks.

And lest I not forget, here is a closeup of my Monkey Socks. Kary, I absolutely love the colors!! They just scream ME. The socks are made from JitterBug, 100% Merino Wool sock yarn. The color is Summer Berries. YUM! They fit great too. I wore them to work today.

Kary, thanks so much for my package. All of it was great.


AJ said...

Very nice package! The socks look great!

takinanap said...

great package of goodies! hey nice sock monkey calendar. will have to get myself one of those. and a
real sock monkey to go with the socks - terrific. one can never have enough sock monkeys. the socks look great on you.

Kary said...

So glad you like your monkeys-they look great! I had a great time doing this swap, and it's even more fun now that I don't have to obsess over keeping you from finding out who I am