Friday, October 19, 2007

Quilt Retreat is Finally Here!!!!

Yeah, I am so siked. Quilt retreat starts tonight. I got everything packed and loaded in the car last night. I decided to take mostly UFO projects to work on. I have been knitting so much this last summer/fall that I have barely done any sewing at all. And there are things that have been hiding in the sewing room way too long. Here is a breakdown of what I'm taking:

1. Landon's Toddler Blanket - All it needs is the binding.
2. Pillow Shams for the new couch and chair (which are now 2 years old)
2. Buck-a-block Block of the Months (5 months behind)
3. Tea cup wallhanging. (have 6 flower petals to hand sew and 4 flower centers - that's ALL)

I did bring 1 new project to start working on. That is my Temple Guardians Block of the Month pattern that I got as a gift from my friend Patsy. The BOM is from and each BOM comes with a chapter of a story about a small Siamese Cat that wants to become a temple guardian. I'll read each chapter as I work on each block. I love siamese cats. My very best friend of 16 years was Charlie. Of course Charlie never really new she was a cat or at least she wasn't going to admit to it. She loved bananas and anything with mint in it. Especially York peppermint patties. No matter how quietly I tried to open the package (so I wouldn't have to share of course), she would hear and come running; even if she was upstairs. And Bengay cream was like cocaine to her. If I put Bengay on my ankle, I had to not only wrap it with an ace bandage, but put a blanket over it too. She would then proceed to sit on me (so I couldn't get away) and try to lick a hole through the blanket to try to get a fix. If I did try to get away, she would follow me around the house and try to lick me every time I stopped. Anyway, I got the last of the fabric picked out yesterday with the help of my friend Kathy. It is all washed and ready for me to start working on it. And Patsy did the freezer paper templates for me while she has been recovering from her hip replacement surgery. Thanks Patsy!

Only I can't start on it, no matter how much I want too, until I have finished Landon's Toddler quilt.

I am on the Saturday night meal crew and it is my responsibility to provide the salad. Unless someone changed something, we will be having spaghetti, salad, garlic bread and a dessert. Yeah, we NEVER go hungry at retreat. Although there have been a couple of close calls, like the burnt meatball soup, Corrine has no sense of smell and didn't realize it was scorched. But we all ate a bowl, just so we wouldn't hurt her feelings and we have never let her forget that one. :o)

I'm taking Dad's (I almost said mine) digital camera, so I'll post photos on Monday.

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