Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Oodles & Oodles of Pictures

As promised in several earlier posts, I have pictures to show. The first ones are of the toddler quilts I gave to Lucas and Ethan (My BF Debby's sons). Lucas was very excited about his quilt and ran through it yelling 'MINE'. His is made from a very colorful fish fabric with neon yellows and greens. Ethan's was made with a fabric that had all kinds of animals in pairs, like Noahs Arc, but there was no Noah and No Arc. Just animals 2 by 2.

Also, here is a picture of Summer, Lucas, Ethan and Angelica at my Mom's on Labor Day. It was kind of cute, because this tree and swing are out in the middle of my parents 3 acre backyard and all the kids just migrated out there.

And here are my two housemates. The needy and very talkative Java on my bed cuddling with my fleece blanket that I had to drag out of the closet to combat those 38 degree nights that we have been having lately.

And here is shy scaridy cat Jasmine, quietly sitting on the sofa. At the first noise, she will be transformed into a bullet and disappear into the bedroom.

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MUDNYC said...

Those quilts are beautiful! Great job!