Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Labor Day Cookout

The cookout at my Mom's on Labor Day was lots of fun. It was hot and muggy, but we still had fun. Once you got out into the yard under the shade trees and away from the house, which was blocking the breeze, it was fine. But the real reason I had more fun at this party than at others was because of the number of kids. We had 10 kids under the age of 10, with at least 7 of them being under the age of 5. They were so much fun. My BF Debby was there with her DH and 5 kids (Zach, Kiersten, Stephanie, Lucas & Ethan). My cousin Michelle was there with her 2 kids (Angelica and Summer) , my cousin Kylee was there with her 3 kids (Mike, Mikayla, and Harley), and Luci was there with her DH and 2 kids (Alex and Celestina). It was so cute, Lucas (3) and Angelica (4) who had never met before were walking around holding hands. Angelica kept saying "he's my friend". It was adorable.

I hadn't realized how long it was since I had seen Debby and the kids, until I realized that I needed to bring their 2006 Christmas presents to the party with me. I know: Bad Sandy, Bad Sandy. So I guess I can also admit that I just gave the boys their baby quilts that I made them. My normal deadline is to have their quilts to them by their 1st birthday. So I was 2 years overdue for Lucas, but only 1 year for Ethan. Ethan wasn't too impressed with his, he's only 2 and was more interested in the Hotwheels I got him for Christmas. But Lucas really liked his quilt. Now he doesn't have to sleep under Steph's baby quilt which is pink and white. Just so you know, I make all the baby quilts oversized, so they can be used for much longer.

I took pictures with the camera I borrowed from my Dad, but I didn't think to get the downloading software, so I will have to post the pictures later.

PS: I still have 1 baby quilt at home to be delivered. I have the binding cut, just not sewed on. It is for Landon, my other BF's (McKelle) son.

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MUDNYC said...

Way to blog, Sandy -- you really jumped right in. I'd love to see some more pics, I hope you get the camera software working!