Monday, September 17, 2007

The Drywall is up!!!!!!

Well, just to let everyone know, the Drywall is up. It went up with a bit of a fight, but after several days battle, my Dad and I prevailed!!. I forgot how hard it is to put up drywall. When we drywalled the storage room, I had found some pre-wallpapered Drywall and we put it up with a glue type caulking and tack nailed it in. It's the kind they use in Mobile homes and doublewides. But for the storage room, it was just fine. I did try to get some more to use for the sewing room because I didn't want to deal with the taping and mudding, but the surplus place I had previously purchased from, decided to get out of the surplus business and go into the auction business. So if I wanted to buy a whole "lot" of it, I could. But since I only need about 18 sheets and not a "lot" of 50, I decided for the more traditional style drywall.

We got 2.5 walls done on Thursday, with some grouching from my Dad that the walls my brother and I put up weren't square. For example: One end of the room is 11.5 feet wide and the other end is 12 feet wide :o) But since the room is 15 feet long, it isn't noticable. In my defense, when my Brother came to put up the walls, I had my square all ready. But he said we didn't need a square and when I started to ask to many questions about how to do this and why we do that I was told "I'm here to put up walls, not answer your questions. Questions take too much time, so let's get to work." Since he had worked construction for quite a few years in the modular home industry I figured he knew what he was doing and shut up. {{Big Brothers always get the blame}} There was really only one thing that had to be fixed before we could put up some drywall and that was the wall that contained the cutout for the closet doors; the 2 sides of the closet an inch off, so that the doors would not have hung square. Dad fixed that on Friday, while I through up some more insulation. By Friday night, we only had 1.5 pieces to go up plus a smaller filler piece. After Dad left, I swept up and while I was standing there I thought "Hey, I can put up the smaller piece by myself". So I did and went on to put up the half piece too. When Dad got there on Saturday, he was really surprised and happy too. By this time we were both really really tired of Drywall.

If anyone out there is going to be doing a lot of drywalling, I suggest you invest in a Drywall Screw Gun. The screws come in pre-loaded strips of about 20, which are inserted into the gun. It automatically advances to the next screw when you are done. AND it a preset depth for countersinking the screw into the drywall without going through it. It was GREAT!! I don't think we would have gotten as much done without it. Here is a link for the screw gun, so you can see what I'm talking about. It is not the exact one my Dad has but you get the picture.

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Aubrey said...

Hooray, I'm glad it's all up!