Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yummy New Dish

I got one of those emails from Borders, that said "take our survey and we'll give you a 30% off coupon." So I took their 4 question survey. Then I went to Borders last night and bought myself a new Thai cookbook. It is called "That Everything Thai Cookbook" by Jennifer Kotylo. I have been looking for a good cookbook with some curry recipes in it. I was also looking for a Coconut Chicken Soup recipe. This book had both.

It had one curry recipe (Red Curry Beef) that I had all the ingredients for except peanuts. So I since I had to go to the store anyway, I bought my peanuts and went home to cook the curry dish. I made a few mods to the recipe as I was making it. I added more coconut milk, so it wasn't 'dry' like the recipe said it was going to be. I didn't want to waste a half a can of coconut milk. Then I added more peppers (green bell, red bell and a sweet banana pepper), some minced fresh garlic and fresh button mushrooms. As it was cooking, I tasted it a few times. At first, I was worried I wouldn't like the recipe, because it was tasting pretty flat. But once I added the fish sauce and sugar it got better. When it was done and I put it over rice, it was yummy! I almost added hot peppers, but thought "no, I'll wait to see." I can always added some thai hot pepper sauce to it that I have in the fridge. I'm glad I didn't, because it had a slow burn to it. You know, it doesn't appear very hot until you start eating more and more. Then the heat starts building.

It turned out very good. Can't wait to try another recipe.

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