Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Indianapolis & the Fiber Festival

I went to Indianapolis last weekend to visit with my friend Teresa. She's just got married this last May.

Had a good time. Stopped at Stitches & Scones on the way down. Got some light purple sock yarn on the clearance rack. Saw some lime/orange sock yarn, that I just loved. I've been looking for a lime-ish sock yarn. However it was not superwash, so I determined that I did not want it. I have a little problem with unintentionally felting items that aren't supposed to be. So I thought better safe than sorry. Besides, I am planning on going to the Michigan Fiber Arts Festival this coming weekend in Allegan, MI. I'm sure someone will have lime sock yarn. Hoping to get some friends together to carpool. Gas has come down a little, but it's still 1.25 hr drive.

I also bought a maintenance kit for my Traditional Ashford spinning wheel. I've been wanting that, because it has the replacement tension springs. My wheel is one of the earlier models and did not have the tension springs. I looked through the package and was disappointed to see that it only had 1 spring it in. However, I thought I might be able to find a similar spring at the hardware store. But luckily when I dumped everything out and was looking at it all, I found that it did indeed have 2 springs. I need to get those changed out before Thursday, because I am taking a 'Mechanics of Spinning' class at the Michigan Fiber Arts Festival. It is being taught by Amy Tyler.

Since the class runs from 9am-noon, I took the whole day off. My mom is going with me and we are going to be stopping at the Perrigo Discount Drug Store afterwards. Perrigo is a Pharmacutical company in Allegan. They package the generic drugs for whichever company buys them (CVS, perrys, OSCO, Valu-Time, Walgreens, etc) and they sell their overruns at their store. Some times you can get great deals and other times, the deals are only so-so. I've gotten Naproxym Sodium (aka Alieve) there for $1/bottle and Pepto for 25 cents a bottle. I've already gotten lists from friends that want stuff. They just have to be aware that if there are limits on what you can buy and it's something that is on my list. Then I get mine bought first before I get theirs.

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