Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quilt Pictures

I forgot to post about this last week. It was a free pattern from Moda Fabrics called something like Winder Wonderland Table runner. I made the table runner at a quilt retreat in @#%$. :o) I cut out the placemats, but never got them done. So I was digging around trying to find something to work on instead of the applique for the Lillebets Garden quilt and found them. So I decided to get them finished. Now all I have to do is get them quilted. !sigh!

Here's half of the table runner. It's pretty long.

Here is one of the placemats.

And here is the fabric I will be using to make the binding. It's the same fabric that is used for the teeny tiny border (red-looking) on the table runner.

It's really too bad that I won't be going to my quilt guild meeting this month, because I have a whole shitload of stuff to show and tell. I almost never have anything to show. Oh well, I'll just cart it all along next month.

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