Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Retreat is this Weekend!

I can't wait. Spring quilt retreat is this weekend. I feel like things have been so hectic in my life the last couple of weeks that I really need a break. I even went so far as to contact the Saturday Med-Point worker (Rachel) to see if she would work my shift this Sunday and I would work hers next weekend. She agreed saying it would be nice to have a whole weekend off. Yeah! So now I won't have to leave at 11:30 on Sunday and can stay to 2 along with everyone else.

I have a list of things I want to get done this weekend. Why is it that the list is always too long. It never fails I always take too many things with me, but then again, what happens if I only took 1 project and really did not feel like working on it? Then I would be far from home and twiddling my thumbs. Or be tempted to go to the LQS and buy stuff for a new project. So really, I guess I do it to save my pocket book right?!? Nah!

So this time I am planning on working on the following items:

1. Spring Fancy Summer Quilt - I have completely finished piecing the top, but I thought I would use my leftovers to piece the back. I've never done a quilt with a scrap-fabric backing. Once I'm done with it, I am going to give it to Deloa Jones to take home with her and have machine quilted. I have been wanting to get another top quilted and this way, I take stuff to retreat, but come home lighter. Instead of using batting though I am going to use a single piece of white fabric. That way the quilt will be lighter and I can use it as a summer quilt.
2. 6" breast cancer block in pink/white/black for the River Bend Quilt Guild
3. Lillibet's Garden BOM - I have goal to get this completely done, there is just too much applique. But I would like to get all the shashing pieced and sew it into managable sections so that I can start planning the machine applique.
4. Cut out a reversible table runner pattern for my Mom.
5. Temple Gardians - Taking the applique blocks incase I decide to sit/sew and visit.
6. $2 Roll of nickles - for when we play Left Right Center. It is a super funny dice game that we always play on Saturday night; Late.

I know I had something else on my list, but can't remember it right now. I must remember to print out my 'retreat cheat sheet' tomorrow, so that I make sure I don't forget the silly stuff like needles for the sewing machine or towels or underwear (which I did one year!)

I am on the Saturday Dinner crew and we are going to be have crock pot soups. I'm making potato and April is making an Italian Vegie. Then we will have homemade rolls, salad and of course a dessert. You know I never have dessert at home, but at retreat we always have dessert with every meal.

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Kary said...

Have a great time at your retreat!