Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Another UFO Done!

I'm talking quilting here. I just have been in a sewing mood lately when I get home after work. Although I have been knitting on my Cross hatch lace sock when I get together with my knitting friends.

I finished my 2007 Thangles Buck-a-block quilt last night. I first mentioned it in Oct 2007. It was a block of the month program where you paid $1 per block. It is approximately a twin size quilt; 83 x 70 I think.

I also finished the first Block from my Temple Guardians Block of the Month quilt. Ok, it is only 99% done, since I have to finish appliquéing the eye, but I haven't quite found the right shade of blue for the eyes. My Charlie had blue eyes, so that's the color I want for my quilt. I am looking for a blue batik I think, so the colors will have a little bit of depth and variety.

And yes, I am hand appliquéing the blocks for this quilt. It has been slow going, because I was doing so much knitting over the winter. I think I started on this block in January and it is really not a large block. I finally figured out I was more apt to work on them it I only carried 1 block with me at a time instead of carrying all of them.

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MUDNYC said...

Sandy, just want to say that I really love reading your blog. And your quilts are beautiful!