Friday, April 18, 2008

No Longer a Peon!

So if I am no longer a peon (pronounced pee-on) at work, does this mean I am now a Pee-er? Or just a second level peon instead of a 3rd level peon?

Just to let you know what I am rambling on, I get the news yesterday that I have been promoted to Production/Purchasing Manager. I now have 2 employees working for me. If you will remember, I was given purchasing job when our former Purchasing Manager was diagnosed with a brain tumor. By default I started covering the production side too, since no one really addressed that and the production employees kept coming to me with questions and stuff to order. My new boss told me today that he has been getting quite a few compliments on the work I have been doing since I started in Feb.

Never really wanted to be a supervisor, but I think I will do fine at it. Currently I will be getting a small raise, while business is still slow, but once everyone is back to full time, I will be getting more.

Although I will still be doing most of my front office duties also. I.e. some quotes, sales orders, invoicing, commissions, accounting end of month rev. reports, daily bank deposit. God, when I write it all down like that it amazes me how much stuff I have absorbed from the many positions have been eliminated over the 12.5 years that I have been working here. Syscon is a small family owned business. If I remember correctly when I started there were 3 sales support people for 4 salesman and there were 3 people in accounting plus the controller, and another person who did HR in the front office. Now, we have 2 salesmen, 2 support staff (includes me) and 1 accountant/controller. One of the owners does the HR part-time.


Jonah said...

Congrats, you deserve the promotion and you WILL be good at it!

Anonymous said...

12.5 years??? Wow, are we getting old or what?? Congratulations on the promotion. I'm so proud of you!