Sunday, March 2, 2008


Just wanted to let everyone know how the new job responsibilities are going. I am really liking working in purchasing. I still do most of my other stuff to, but I am having fun with this. I love learning new things and I get to get away from my desk (in the front office). And to top it off, I get to shop, shop, shop. Of course I don't know what half of the stuff I'm buying is.., but hey I'll learn eventually.

I think all of the extra walking from the front office to the purchasing office, to the back to count parts, back to the front because I forgot something and then back to purchasing for a bit before starting the rounds over has been really good for me. I say this, because I jumped on the scale on Friday (first time in a couple of weeks) and I am down a total of 30 lbs. NEVER did I think I would be able to cross the 30 lb barrier. YAHOO!! I went home Friday and tried on some older jeans I had stored in the basement. As we all know size is relative. Because different manufacturers make their sizes differently. Here is a great example. My size 16 Liz Clairborne jeans fit wonderfully. (Gonna wear them to work on Monday!!!) However the size 18 Chic jeans are still too tight. I mean I can get them on (and zipped!), but I wouldn't plan on trying to breath or God forbid I try to sit down or bend over. Would probably pass out. Then I went to Kohl's yesterday and tried on some stuff just to see how things were fitting. I didn't buy anything, (1) because I still have a few lbs to go in some areas and (2) I still have a bunch of cloths in the basement that I haven't tried on yet. But how great is this!!!

While I was out and about yesterday I was enjoying the weather too. God was the weather awesome!! The sun was shining and I ended up turning the heater in the car to low and opening the windows just a bit for some much needed fresh air. I went up to St. Joe because there was a quilt shop called the Silver Needle that is going out of business. One of the partners is moving to Florida. Anyway, they had had this deal that if you saved up $200 in receipts, you received $20 worth of free murchandise. I contacted the shop and asked if they would still honor that as I still had my receipts. They said yes, so... instant roadtrip. Well, I had $150 in receipts and my friend Patsy had just over $100 worth. She gave me hers and I got free $20 worth of fabric. I got a piece of green to go with some fabric I already had and 4 other pieces in fall colors. And I bought a pattern and plastic template for a 3-D star. Everything was 25% off and then I got $20 free. I still ended up spending $36, but I got a lot of fabric. So this morning I figured that since I bought more fabric, I should maybe clean/organize the sewing room, so that I can do some sewing. When I was done, I pulled down a block of the month UFO and finished sewing 1 block and got another all cut out. A very productive morning I think.

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