Sunday, March 9, 2008

Oldies but Goodies

Yesterday, I played lazy. I spent the morning re-reading a book that I have re-read several times before. It was Flowers in the Storm by Laura Kinsale. I really like this one. I have been re-reading a lot of my older books lately. I re-read the entire Diana Gabaldon Outlander series. All 6 books. Several historical romances by Julie Garwood and Catherine Coulter. I just don't seem to remember to stop at the library until I'm home, then I end up digging out an old book and not needing to stop until the next time I "forget."

Once I was finished the book I realized there was absolutely nothing on TV. I don't have cable or dish or whatever else it's called these days. I not home enough to watch enough TV to justify the cost. And even when I'm home, I usually reading or knitting or sewing. Yeah, there are times I would like it, but to me it's just not worth it. There are 8 local channels that I can get. On the weekends I usually watch a lot of PBS. All those craft and cooking shows. But this weekend they have their pledge drive going, and there just wasn't anything I was interested in. So I decided to watch some old movies. And what better way to watch old movies, than in the sewing room, where I can sew at the same time. Because let's face it, I've seen these movies mutliple times and although I may forget a few things, I do know what's going to happen. But even those old movies would be more interesting to listen to than the Kunf-Fu man David Caridean teach Ti-chi on PBS. I grabbed 4 movies off my shelf, thinking I would get to see 2, maybe 3 before I got tired of sewing. Wrong! I watched all 4 of them and was still sewing afterwards. I saw Matchmaker starring Jean Garofalo, Ladyhawke starring Michelle Pfiffer, Rutger Hauer, and Mathew Brodrick, Robin Hood starring Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman, and Rob Roy starring Liam Neeson and Jessica Lange.

And to top it off, I got a lot done on my Lillibet's Garden Block of the Month quilt I that I started at a quilt retreat in Oct. 2006 and hadn't touched since. There are 8 blocks in this quilt. I had 4 of them done. As of this morning when I had to get ready for work, I had 7 done and all I have to do the the 8th block, is sew the 9 component blocks together and it will be done. All of the background sashing and background applique fabric has been cut too. I need to lay out all the blocks to see what color I want to add to the sashing pieces. If you click on the link, I'm talking about the beige squares that go around the 8 blocks. I still have to cut all the applique flowers also. I'm thinking I want to machine applique those instead of doing them by hand.

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