Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sock Progress

I got the cuff on Sock #1 of my Crosshatch Lace Socks done. Instead of starting the heel, I decided to set that aside on a pair of bamboo needles and start the cuff for Sock #2. Once I have the cuff done for that one, I will add #1 back onto the magic loop needles and see how successful I am at finishing them both at the same time.

Also, I got a copy of the Cul-de-Sac vest pattern from the fall 2003 Knitters Magazine that I have queued on my Ravelry page (moonlightserenad). I started working on the gage swatch at lunch, but I will have to frog it, because I didn't have the right size of needles with me. But I wanted to knit something, so I just when ahead an 'pretend' knitted. Just so those of my friends who aren't on Ravelry can see it, here is a picture of the one made by Michelle (alwayscastingon).


Kary said...

Love the socks...we must have very similar taste in colors.

Kary said...

Also, I tried unsuccessfully to stalk you on Ravelry and I just can't locate you. What is you Ravelry name?