Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Owee! Owee! Owee! (Aka My Time to Whine)

I hurt! I tried an new exercise class last night at Pinnacle. It is the Bootcamp class, so I thought it would be similar to the B100 Bootcamp classes that I had been having. Well it was "similar", but more intense too. And due to the weather warm up, the place was steaming hot. And I mean HOT!. It must have been in the 80's or 90's in the building. I had to stop several times to try to cool down in the middle of an exercise. So glad I didn't forget my bottle of water. My thighs hurt the most, but the back of my arms ache too. We did A LOT of squats and at one point the instructor joked that "every time you sit down to pee tomorrow, you will remember me." Well just a word to her, they are not very fond memories at the moment. And the worse thing is that I always ache more 2 days after than the day after, so I know I will be even more sore tomorrow night.

Well, here is the latest update on my weight loss saga:
Lbs lost this week = 2.2
Total lbs. lost = 24
Percentage of weightloss = 9.74%
Total inches lost = 23 5/8

And now on to non-whiny matters. This weekend is my annual winter quilt retreat. Yeah! I can't wait to see everyone. I haven't figured out what projects to take with the exception of 1. I have a baby gift to finish. I would have finished it last weekend, except for that nasty flu episode. I volunteered for the Saturday Brunch meal and we will be having: Upside Pancake, a variation of the Egg Muffins from Giada, a Tropical Fruit pudding thing and fruit juice. Sounds yummy to me. I have to think over some good healthy snacks to take along, because there is always lots of snacks. I think I will do fine though. And I can always go back to my room and do crunches and squats Right!

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