Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Magic Loop Link

Once I get the never ending socks done (aka the socks from hell) I want to work on a pair done on the magic loop. I have the needles, but I don't have the book, so I was looking for a good tutorial on the web. I found this tutorial, so I am putting this link here on my blog so I don't forget it. I have this nasty habit of surfing blogs and thinking something looks great, and then not remembering where it is or how I got there in the first place. So know I should be able to find it again. Let's just hope I don't forget that I blogged about it. :o)


Kary said...

I don't remember where I actually got my instructions from for the picot edged socks, but this blog has great step-by-step instructions with wonderful pictures.

(Sorry, I couldn't make it link.)

Glad you like your socks. I was at the yarn shop today fondling that yarn. I think I need that colorway for myself.

Lesley said...

Knitpicks has a great picture tutorial on Magic Loop on their site (check The Knitting Room). I love Magic Loop, it really works for me. My only tip is that you want to use a needle with a really flexible cable.