Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good News

I thought I would offset last week's bad news with a little good news.

My Mom called yesterday to let me know that my Aunt Margaret had lost her buddy. I tried to rack my brain for which of my Aunts friends might have gotten sick and died, but that wouldn't in any way be construed as good news. Well so no, that is not what happened at all. My Mom was calling my Aunt's feeding tube her 'buddy'. So after having had her feeding tube in for almost 2 years, the doctors finally took it out yesterday. Hurray for Aunt Margaret!! My Aunt had the feeding tube installed when she was going through kemo and radiation for throat cancer. She has gained about 16 lbs since she was allowed and able to start eating "real" food again. My mom said that she will still have to go back in March to have another throat stretching procedure done, so she still has to put some things through the food processor, but she's doing really well.

Fit Club Update: Even though the B100 Fit Club ended, I have not stopped my workout routines. The gym that I go to, has multiple classes each and every day. Since I work better when in a class than if I go by myself, I have been trying out a couple of the classes. I tried the Bootcamp class on Monday night (75 minutes), but have discovered that I don't really like it. The first week was fine, if a bit hard, but the rest of the sessions have been more running than anything else. In one class, the instructor had us running 'suicide lines' the length of the gym. Multiple times!! God I hate running. The only good thing that came out of that class was that I figured out that I have exercise induced asthma. There is also the Zumba Class (60 minutes), a latin dance aerobic class, which I really didn't enjoy either. I have found a couple of classes that I do like. One is the Only Abs class (15 Minutes), but am usually too late to join it. And I really really like the Signature Strength class (60 minutes) on Thursday night, with is much more like B100 Bootcamp that I had been going to. I have an appointment with a personal trainer Heather tomorrow night. Heather was the instructor in charge of the B100 Fit Club, so she will know more of what I am looking for and not just tell me to do aerobics or treadmill. My original purposes for going into this story was to say that after a couple weeks of doing aerobics and a little weight training and 1 week of weight training only, I have have come to the determination that you really don't loose weight with aerobics. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been 'stuck' with regards to loosing weight. But last week, as soon as I switched back to weight training only, I started loosing again. I have lost a total of 26 lbs and 27 inches so far. I have gotten asked by several people if I have had to go out and buy new clothes yet. The answer so far is no. When I started this all my clothes were super tight. I just hadn't wanted to buy a bigger size. So now, the cloths are fitting me great. Yes, a few are getting a little baggy, but not extremely so. And some items have been tossed in the giveaway basket, but not as many as you would think. I am determined to keep going though, not only for my health which has improved, but also because I have a friend getting married in May and I want to buy a new outfit for it.

PS: I forgot to mention something that happened when I went to the doctor last week to have my bloodwork re-checked. I got the standard look in ears and throat check. Then the doctor asked me to lay down so he could check my stomach area. I was in the process of telling him about my new exercise/diet program and as he was poking here and there, checking my gallbladder/liver/whatever, he suddenly says "wow, you really have been toning up!" I was so proud of myself!!

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