Wednesday, January 2, 2008

God has a sick sense of humor

You know the saying "Be careful what you wish for..." well I learned about it first hand this weekend. No it wasn't snow that I wished for, so it wasn't my fault Michiana got socked but good! It started Monday night about 9pm and by Tuesday night we had anywhere from 10-19 inches. I got 13. And it still snowed about another 2 inches overnight Tuesday. The forecast is for another 2-4 inches today. But then it should clear up until the weekend when the next front comes through.

But as I said THAT is not what I wished for. Actually it wasn't a wish at all, but an observation that was misconstrued as a wish. So here is what happened. I heard the neighbor snow blowing the sidewalk outside, so I got dressed and went out to start shoveling. I was kind of hoping he would take pity on me, seeing that I had to shovel, and snow blow my drive. Which he did and which I really really appreciated. So I shoveled the porch, around the car, and made a path for the mailman, which really didn't take as much time as I thought it would. So I made a snow angle, which was really fun. Haven't made one of those in YEARS. Can't imagine what the neighbor thought, because I know he saw me plop backwards into the snow, but hey it was really fun. As I stood there brushing myself off, I had this crazy thought that I wasn't tired out yet and could do with a bit more shoveling, because it's great exercise and I could use some. But since I all the areas around the drive, porch,and trash can were clear I just went in the house and made me some yummy (spiked) hot chocolate. So right here is where the misconstruing occurred. Because at 11pm last night I had to go out and shovel the driveway again. Only this time I had to shovel the WHOLE thing. So OK, I guess in a long about way, the extra snow really might have been my fault.

If yesterday had not been a long holiday weekend, I might have just said to 'hell with it' and took a half day off to shovel out. But the holiday pay policy at work is that you have to be there the day before and the day after in order to get paid. So since I couldn't afford to loose 2-days of pay, I shoveled last night. Just so you know, I wasn't the only one. Another of my neighbors was also out at 11pm shoveling his driveway too.

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