Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Whereupon I try to kill myself

No, I am not suicidal. I did not intentionally try to kill myself. Intentional being the key word here. I did not "try" to kill myself, it happened through sheer coincidence (A.K.A STUPIDITY!!).

In my defense, it has been many years since I took a high school science class.

On Saturday, I decided to do some spring cleaning. I like to think of it as getting a head start on this coming spring instead of being very late for this last spring. Anyway, as I said, it has been a long time (20+ yrs) since I learned anything about the consequences of mixing cleaning chemicals. Yes, I know your not supposed to mix bleach and ammonia. Duh? Who doesn't know that one. However, no one ever mentioned that you shouldn't mix bleach and toilet bowl cleaner. I mean, there are toilet bowl cleaners that you can buy that have bleach added to them. It says so right on their labels. It just so happens that I didn't have that particular one. So I just didn't think it through when I decided the toilet needed to be just a little bit cleaner and dumped in the bleach. Of course what do I do when the toilet starts hissing and bubbling? The logical answer would have been to flush the toilet RIGHT AWAY!! Yes, that would have been the logical answer, but I'm blond. My immediate response to the coughing fit was to run from the bathroom and find the little white breathing mask that was sitting on the kitchen table (which was not much help at all). Not thinking that in between the time that I leave the bathroom, run to the kitchen, and run back to the bathroom that even MORE fumes have been generated. Once back, I immediately flushed the toilet. Luckily the window in the bathroom was open and the little fan was going. I also had to bring in the big fan. Once that was all set up, I vacated the house. Luckily the cats were smart enough to stay clear of the bathroom. Jasmine had retreated after dueling with the fire-breathing vacuum and Java ran for the basement like a coward as soon as my hand touched the vacuum handle.

Boy, but let me tell you. I don't think my toilet has ever been as clean as it is now. At least not since it was brand new. Next time though I will get the cleaner where the bleach has already been added to it by PROFESSIONALS.

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MUDNYC said...

Oh that sucks! Those fumes are HORRIBLE!!! We had a similar incident and I remember all too clearly.

The marinade I used for the grilled veggies was very simple: Olive Oil, salt, pepper + chop up every herb growing in our garden and let them sit a bit. There were thyme, parsley, basil, rosemary and tarragon.