Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July Fireworks Bust

Hope everyone had an enjoyable 4th of July.

I had a nice cookout at my Mom and Dads. Wasn't a big turnout, but I had a good time visiting with my Aunt Margaret, her daughter Tracy, Tracy's daughter Erica, and my 16 month old cousin Ethin . His mom was sick with the flu, so he came with his Grandma Margaret. If I have that figured out right, we had my aunt, cousin, second-cousin and third-cousin over for the party.

As always, there was too much food, but we were expecting to more of my cousins plus there spouses/kids. But yeah! I don't have to worry about cooking anything for work on Sunday.

In the evening, we went to Tracy's house to watch the Hartford firworks. She lives right across the street from the speedway, where they were being set off. We went there last year and it was a great view. This year however, the Speedway owners decided to wait until after the races were over before they set off the fireworks. Last year they started right around dusk. This year they didn't start until 11:30. I was amazed at how many cars left before the fireworks started. My parents left at 11, because they were getting tired. Then just when I decided to leave, they started. However, by that time I was getting tired also. I left about 15 minutes into the fireworks and I am so glad. By the time I got home after a 30-40 minute drive, I was struggling to keep my eyes open. I had the radio blaring and the windows open and it was still hard.

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