Sunday, May 4, 2008


I got the gussets done on my Crosshatch lace socks. For both socks. Then I decided what the heck, let's try the 2 socks at one time thing. So I loaded them all up and "success". Yeah! I was able to do both of them without too many problems. I have successfully completed 2 whole repeats and am working on my third. Here are a few pictures to show you what they look like now.
And I had the wild idea to try them on. Boy was that tricky with both of them on the needles at the same time.

And even better success, I went clothes shopping yesterday with my friend McKelle. I was looking for an outfit to wear to the wedding of my friend Teresa next weekend. I didn't think I would find anything, because I waited to the last minute. And you know when you look last minute, you can never find the right outfit. I was kind of torn: 1) I wanted a new outfit because it is a special occasion and I hadn't bought anything really snazzy in a long time and let's face it, I lost 30 lbs and wanted something to make me feel pretty. 2) but if I didn't find anything that was just right, I have some dresses in the basement that I had bought before I gained the 30 lbs and knew they would fit, even though I really didn't want to wear a dress.

We started our shopping experience at Kohls. I found a pair of dressy black capri's and a blouse that I liked, but neither of them really fit 'well'. They would do, but they just weren't "THE" outfit that I wanted. Our next stop was Avenue and I hit paydirt! I found a pair of dressy black capri's that fit me perfectly and 4 blouses that I liked. I knew as soon as I put it on, which one I would be wearing to the wedding. 3 of the blouses were black/white and the 4th was black/tan. Although I liked the black/tan one, I put it back because it kind of had a fall feel to it. Of the 3 left, one would have required a little tayloring, which I had no time to do and really didn't feel like doing to a $40 shirt. So that left 2. I bought both. The one I am going to be wearing is a crinkle shirt (no ironing!!!), buttons up the front and has 3/4 flaired sleeves. I love the fact that where the pattern turns from mostly white to mostly black hits right at my waist and gives the illusion that I actually do have a waist. Here is a photo of them hanging on the bathroom door.

Isn't it just fabulous? I love it!

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