Monday, May 12, 2008

The Wedding is Over (Big Sigh!!)

Yeah!! My friend Teresa's wedding went off with pretty much no hitches this last Saturday. I now realize why the happy couple take a honeymoon after the wedding; it is not only to get away by themselves, it is to recuperate from all the running and planning and setting up. I can't imagine what Teresa's stress level was, but I was so tired from all the running around that I vegged out most of Sunday and could've used a real long nap yesterday too.

Here is a picture of me and the glowing bride. I tried to correct for the red-eye, but it didn't work. Anyway, she was a very beautiful bride. The groom wasn't too bad either! :o)

It was an outside wedding and we were pretty worried about the weather. On Friday night they had the rehearsal and it was so COLD and breezy. Everyone had the shivers. But Saturday dawned beautifully. It was sunny and warm with just a slight breeze. But the breeze was enough that the candles at the alter did not stay lit. They did the 'pretend' lighting of the unity candle.

Even though I wasn't one of the bridesmaids, Teresa didn't want me to feel left out. Mark didn't want more than 4 groomsmen, so she had apologized for not being able to ask me. I graciously said thank you and told her I hope she didn't take this the wrong way, but I was a little relieved. That meant I didn't have to buy one of the dreaded BM's dresses. 9 times out of 10 you just can't wear them again. Although the ones her girls picked out were very lovely.

The bridesmaids from left to right: Amy (Teresa's Cousin), Michelle, Amy (Matron of Honor), and Leslie.

I got a pedicure/manicure done on Friday. Then joined the bride at the hotel. I thought we were going to have to start setting out the decorations (center pieces and favors) that we had made. But the staff at the new Hilton near St. Mary's College was very helpful and effcient. They did it all. That left us just enough time to run a few last minute errands for misc. items (distilled water for steamer, gift bags, Gatorade, Starbucks for the bride, etc)

Then I went along with all the girls on Saturday to get out hair done. With the bridal party, Mom, MIL, myself and other various members of the grooms family, there was about 11 or 12 of us. And most of them were getting up-do's. I just know that the stylists heaved a huge sign when the last one of us was out the door. Can't imagine how much hairspray they went through. I just know my hair was NOT moving. It was kind of nice to not have to worry if your hair was slipping or drooping. Between the spray and the teasing, it was a bear to get out the next day. I had to wash my hair twice and use an extra duty cream rinse to get the teasing to relax.

All-in-all it was a great night. Plenty of food, cake, dancing and fun.

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Aubrey said...

You look great! And it looks like you had a good time at the wedding :).