Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Old Friends

I was in the mood to look up old friends yesterday. But not 'old' as in age {:o) , lest they read this and think I poking fun at anyones age. (Seeing as they are both older than I) No, I was referring to the fact that I had lost track of them. For whatever reason, we just hadn't spoken or contacted each in several years.

I had received a Christmas Card from LisaMarie, this last year and decided what the hell, I'm going to send her an email and see what happens. Well, she emailed back and we ended up talking for about an hour last night. LisaMarie, used to belong to my quilt group in Hartford, MI , but she moved to South Dakota and then in later years on to Florida. It was great talking to her. And it would be even greater to be able to visit one of these days. I think about it longingly, especially as I look out the window here in the Midwest were the high temperature for the day is supposed to be 16 degrees with winds gusting between 15 & 20 miles per hour. Can you say Brrrrrrr?

I have also sent an email off to my friend Beth. I hope I get to hear from her also.

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Anonymous said...

Sandy, just so you know, it was so great to hear from you again. I totally have missed my Michigan girlfriends and must have needed you all back in my life again, and there you are. I love my friends. I hope to hear from Carol soon and if you hear from Beth please feel free to share my e-mail addy with her. I miss her too and hope all is well with her. LisaMarie