Monday, February 4, 2008

Hot Cocoa Swap Package Received

I just wanted to let everyone know that I received my swap package on Saturday. My YSP, Sarah from Nebraska spoiled me rotten. I just love everything!

Here is a photo of all the wonderful stuff.

I got 2 skeins of Reggio Bamboo yarn. The color is so bright and cheerful. I can't wait to try it out. I also received a skein of Cherry Tree Hill Sock yarn, and you know, I have yet to make myself a pair of blue socks, so I think I really must do those next. And to confuse matters, she sent this great book about knitting 2 socks on circular needles. There are some really neat looking socks in there. And now I just can't figure out if I want to do the 2 circle needle method or the magic loop method first. I must decide soon, since I finished the 'neverending socks' on Friday, because I want to start another pair as soon as possible. Sarah's friend at her local coffee shop recommended the Mexcafe Mexican Hot Chocolate. OH MY! It is delicious! I made it with milk and added marshmallows. Major YUM! I need to find it locally for when I run out. You will me amazed to know that I still have not eaten the Dove Chocolate bar yet. I know as soon as I open it, I will devour the whole thing, so I am waiting a bit. I wanted to savor it for awhile.

And lest I forget, here is Moe, sitting in my coffee mug on a desk at work. I say "a" desk, as mine was way to messy for a good photo. Moe is adorable and so cuddly. Sarah said she started calling her Moe, because that is what she just looks like. I agree, so I am going to continue to call her that. I have to admit that I am glad Sarah let me know she's a monkey, because for some odd reason at first glance I thought she was a horse, until I saw the long tail. Don't know where that idea came from!?!? Sarah said her daughter liked Moe so much she has to make her one now.

Sarah also included 4 lovely stitch markers. I have been trying to take a close up photo of them, so you can see the details, but either the flash goes off and it is to white, or it is too dark, when I turn the flash off. I will work on getting a photo up of those.

Thanks again Sarah for the great package!

I am almost finished with my own Secret Pals package. I have a few tweeks to do, but it will be on it's way out the door by the end of the week.


loveyourbag said...

I'm so happy you like everything! Sorry Moe looks like a horse;)

Lesley said...

What an awesome package! I love that little buddy, what a cutie.