Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bad News - Good News

It has been a very rough week at work. We just found out that our Production/Purchasing Manager has a brain tumor. It is inoperable and very growing. He has worked for our company for at least 35 years, if not more. The worst part is that we can't call him, talk to him, send him cards or flowers, because his wife says that any mention of or reminder of work stresses him out and it seems that the stress causes the tumor to grow faster.

The good news part of this entry, makes me feel like a complete ghoul. Because due to this tragedy, I have been given the Purchasing job which means that starting this week I am now back to full time.


MUDNYC said...

Sandy congrats on the new job, I'm just sorry about the way it came about. But that is totally not your fault, I hope you don't feel too badly!

Anonymous said...

Sandy - You don't have to feel guilty because of how you got back to full time work, you do not own the fact that he has a tumor. You need to own the fact that you needed full time work and you got it. I am glad you got back to full time for your sake. LisaMarie