Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Drama Unfolds, Starring 2 Bobs, Moe, Java & Jasmine

I just wanted to share a few more pictures of Moe that I took.

Here is Moe, channel surfing on our day off last Friday.

Of course when you don't have cable or a dish, there isn't anything too exciting happening around the house. Because daytime TV will rot your brain with its mindlessness. Although something interesting just may happen when a tall, dark, handsome fella strolls by. Although he doesn't seem too impressed with her attempt at making googly eyes at him, looks can be deceiving as we later find out.
I wanted to save these last photos until my Hot Chocolate swap pal got her package, but I just can't wait. I have tracking confirmation that her package is out on a UPS truck for delivery right now though. So hopefully she won't see this until she opens her package.

Meet Aqua Bob and Blue Bob. I made Blue Bob first and he was just not peppy enough to be a blah buster buddy. Being 'blue' and all. So I did Aqua Bob instead. Here they are doing the secret hand shake before Aqua Bob climbs into he package and leaves town. And lest she be excluded, here is Moe getting in on a little secret hand shake action herself. You will notice the tall, dark, handsome fella peering down on them. Java's wondering what Moe's doing shaking hands with the 2 Bobs after making googly eyes at him!

Maybe he should get a closer look at Aqua Bob. There just might be something Aqua Bob has that Java is lacking. He confers with his sister, Miss Jasmine. She doesn't know what Moe see's in Aqua Bob, but she definitely sees something that she likes just as well. For just seconds after I snapped this picture, she snags Aqua Bob by the tail and tries to make off with him. Luckily in her mad dash, I startle her enough that she drops Aqua Bob and I am able to rescue him from certain disaster. Boy was he more than happy to be on his way.


MUDNYC said...

Cute kitties!

cindybmw2004 said...

I love love love aqua Bob! He's going to be very happy here! He has a special compartment in my knitting bag and knows he will always reside there! Thank you so much for the box! I enjoyed every bit of it and have posted on my blog! What a great combination. Regia sock yarn is one of my favorites and in my favorite color. I've never seen this one! :)

loveyourbag said...

Your kittties are too cute. I love the Bobs! It's good to see Moe getting along well with his new family too.