Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Frog Pond

Tonight, the Frog Pond Fiber Arts group will be celebrating its first birthday. We are getting together for cake and ice cream. I have already planned ahead for my diet. I brought some fresh fruit and will have it over a small scoop of the ice cream. Personally, I am hoping they bring chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, because that will be easier for me to resist. I'm just not crazy about chocolate cakes or cupcakes; chocolate candy bars yes! cake not so much.

B100 Fit Club Update: Last week on Thursday I announced that I had lost an additional 3 lbs which brought my total to 13. I gained 3 lbs back over the weekend from hell. But I am glad to report I have now lost those 3 lbs again. Technically, I should be able to count that as 6 lbs lost I think; since I lost it twice. This weeks team losses are:

Dazzling Divas (8 members) = 15 lbs for a total of 55 lbs lost over 3 weeks
Chunky Monkeys (11 members) = Total loss of 136 lbs over 3 weeks

I'm trying to find out if B100 will be posting all the group totals to their web-site for viewing. If so, I will put up the link.

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MUDNYC said...

Sandy I'm so glad your weekend from hell didn't totally throw you off your Fit Club goals. It's so easy to get distracted, and awesome that you got right back on the wagon again.

Awww, the 1st b-day party! At this time last year, I was with you guys. I miss you all, have fun!