Monday, March 16, 2009

Quilting Projects

So, since I was forced to take time off from knitting to baby the tennis elbow, I have been doing some extra sewing.

1. I finished another of my Siamese Cat applique blocks from my Temple Guardians BOM quilt. I have 4 done now. 5 more to finish although I am about 80% done on #5.

2. I mentioned a couple of entries ago, that my Quilt Guild is doing a Challenge for our March Meeting. It is called the Paint Chip Challenge. What you do is take your initials and find 3 paint chip colors that start with the first letter of your initial. Then use those colors plus a background color if you want to make a quilted project. It can be any size or shape. My colors are: Stoney Fields (Taupe), Alpaca (Cream) and Magma (Black).

The snafu I ran into when piecing (mentioned in previous post) was that I didn't have enough fabrics to finish the ribbon pieced border. I was one repeat short on each side. So instead I added a blank section in the middle of each long side. Since it was kind of plain, I designed an embroidered motif based on the border fabric. Here is a close up of that:

3. Many moons ago ;o) I purchased some Fancy Cat Fabric by Loralie Harris. I had no plans for it, but I love cats and couldn't resist it.

Well while at a LQS in Kalamazoo, I saw that they had embroidery patterns for the cats to be done all in black. I thought it was beautiful and decided I must make a quilt using those embroidered cats. To my dismay and sadness, they were only available for use in Embroidery Machines! I was soo disappointed, however after much thinking, I decided that if I put the fabric on the copy machine and enlarged the cats, I could make my own embroidery patterns. So that is what I did. I think there are 15 different cats. I have the first two done.

I wasn't sure I would like embroidering, but so far it's been pretty relaxing.


Phyllis Dobbs said...

I just love all the kitties. That was a good idea to hand embroider the kitties for a quilt. I designed some kitty fabric - Meow Meow, for Quilting Treasures and you can see it on my blog.

Dr. aWoW said...

Oh wow. That Siamese one is going to be amazing, I can't wait to see the final product!