Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Weigh-In

Ok, to be honest, I was a very bad girl on Friday night. I went out with a couple of friends to the Fiddlers Hearth to celebrate Kathy's 1 year anniversary of her brain surgery. And while I would recommend that anyone who goes there gets the Irish Car Bomb for dessert because it was sooo delicious, it was soo not on the diet.

That being said, I got on the scales this morning and was amazed to see that I had only gained 1 lb. I ate sensibly the rest of the weekend and also did some extra exercises to try to burn it off the car bomb, so apparently they worked a bit.


Red Geranium Cottage said...

LOLOL!! those car bombs will get you everytime. You best watch out. But I'm glad you had fun. That's what is important. I'd love to see that car bomb though.

Jenessa said...

irish car bomb as in guiness and baileys?! sheesh, talk about a gut buster, but they sure are good. oh crud - i sure hope that's what you're talking about otherwise i sound like an alki, don't i? haha! either way, a 1 lb gain for a whole night of fun and good eats is worth it every once in a while

Anita O said...

I'm glad you still have a good attitude about it all. What is life if we can't live it and celebrate every once in awhile. I think it's perfectly fine that you indulged, and then you ate right and exercised the rest of the weekend instead of slipping into a self defeated spiral of chips, cookies, and chocolate!
yay for you!!!

Jenessa said...

1 guiness, 1 shot of baileys. pour your beer, drop your shot, chug. the brownie sounds good, but man i need to find a recipe for a baileys like -OH without dairy to do some car bombs. maybe a little more on the guy side (although i out drank all the men when i introduced it to them - including an irish-american man), they are very good. and no - you can't just sip it instead, they foam up insanely from the drop and the baileys