Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vacation Update

Although the rain gods were frowning during my last post they decided to have pity on my vacation plans.

Instead of heading out to Ludington State Park on Sunday like we had planned we ended up at the Grand Haven State Park in Grand Haven, MI instead. And boy could you tell the difference.

If you're into beaches, GHSP would be a great place to stay. However, we like grass and trees more than pavement and sand. And luckily for me there was a nice sandy spot to set up my tent. I would not have liked trying to set it up on pavement. Would have rather slept in my Ford Taurus.

Anyway, we spent a day and a half in GHSP before we got the news that Ludington SP was re-opening their doors at 5pm. So after dinner on Monday night, we packed up and drove to Ludington. By the time we got there, got signed in, and the campers leveled, it was 10pm and we were setting up my tent by lantern light. I didn't realize it until I laid down to sleep that my tent was on a slight incline and bed roll was across the hill. Every time I turned over I felt like I was going to roll out of bed. But I was too tired and/or too lazy to switch the bedroll, so I just placed the pillow on the downside incline.

There were quite a few cancellations due to the number of camp sites that were underwater. So we were able to extend out stay. I left on Thursday and my friends stayed until Saturday.

I was able to visit their LYS. It is called Nautical Yarn and I found 3 lovely skeins of sock yarn. You know sock yarn is just way too easy to buy. Because you know you need roughly 400 yds. For other yarn, I look but don't buy unless I have a project in mind for it. And am lucky enough to know my required yardage.

As always, I have plenty of photos, just not downloaded ones. I will work on that this week.

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carol said...

Sandy, I'm glad you got to go on vacation afterall..sounds like a fun time...both parks. For some reason your blog posts don't show up on my ravelry friends site so I hadn't seen this til today.