Monday, August 27, 2007


There is a new LYS (Local Yarn Store) that is supposed to be opening up in Niles, MI soon. The information for it is:

Red Purl
207 north 2nd st
Niles, MI

The latest update on the new knit shop opening in Niles, is that I happened to drive by Friday evening on my way to the bank and saw that their sign/awning is up. I also noticed the door was opened and there were people inside. So of course I stopped to see what was going on. No, sorry to dissapoint, they aren't open yet. The owner and several friends were in working on the shop. I talked the the owner, Amy, and she said she estimates the shop will be open by mid-September. I think I heard she had originally said end of August, but she said the shelves she order have been delayed. She gave me some cards to pass out and said to start checking the web-site, because the designer has started working on that. I just checked, and it doesn't work yet, but here it if you want to periodically check on it:


Anonymous said...

I tried a search for Red Purl and nothing came up, but was able to get to the website after typing in


Anonymous said...

The Red Purl site is up! She is planning to have classes soon after opening too!

Anonymous said...

Is that a dog in the logo -- how cute

Anonymous said...

Red Purl is opening this Thursday, September 27, 12 noon - 9pm.

Anonymous said...

Red Purl opened today-9/27!