Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It Blows My Mind

I just heard on the radio that some city in California is planning to start charging it's citizens if they make a 911 call. I believe around hear, we have a fee tacked on to our phone bills or something like that. But Tracy, CA is taking it to new highs. Due to a shortage in funds, they are going to start charging a $300 fee every time someone calls 911 unless they sign up for a yearly contract of $48/year.

So if you're strapped for money, and can't afford the $48/year membership fee, because let's face it we know there are people out there who can't, you now have to make the decision to let your husband/wife/child suffer and possibly die because you can't afford a $300 fee.

Here is a scenario: You're in a hotel visiting this fair city and someone in the hall has a seizure; is unconscious. What happens if you call 911? Do you get charged $300 or does the unconscious person get charged?

What if your neighbor's house is on fire?

Can you imagine how many people are not going to call 911 if this happens?

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