Wednesday, January 28, 2009

OH no! More Snow!

We are getting more snow today. Last night the "weatherman" said we would just get a dusting. Well if he considers 2 inches just a dusting then he needs to..... Well I just can't think of anything good enough for him right now, but I will.

I haven't had to shovel snow for about a week now and it has been so nice. Gonna have to do it tonight though. Ohhh! But just remembered that my Thrummed Mittens are now done so my fingers should stay nice and toasty warm while I'm shoveling. Still think I want to make Thrummed Toe covers or something, so my toes done freeze either. Will have to work on that after I get my Color Swap package done.

Edited to add the following:
When I got home after knit on Wednesday, I did indeed have to shovel snow. Especially the crap at the end of the drive deposited by the snow plow. The only part of me that wasn't cold was my hands, because they were protected by the Thrummed Mittens. Now if only I have a thrummed snow suit or something.

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Aubrey said...

Aww, are you not coming to knitting tonight?