Monday, December 10, 2007

Bad Aunt! Bad Aunt!

I totally forgot to let everyone know that I finally got Landon's Toddler quilt done AND got it delivered. Here he is with his quilt, which he really liked. We had to spend several minutes going over the meaning of all the different street signs and identifying the different types of vehicles.

And of course Brenna could not be left out. She brought out her toddler quilt which I made when she was 1. Lovely rubber duckies and bubbles. Poor Landon's was a tad bit late. I overshot his 1st birthday by approx 1.5 years.

While trying to take a picture of the both of them together, I accidentally pressed the button and got a picture of Landon's feet, but Brenna thought the photo would be much nicer if all of our feet were in the shot. Their Mom was across the room, so sadly, her feet did not get included. I couldn't believe they were running around barefoot. My tootsies were chilled, so I wasn't removing my socks.

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