Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sewing and Knitting News

I mentioned a couple of entries ago that I had been working on a quilt pattern called "Oceans." Well, a funny thing happened while I was chain sewing triangles on to a bunch of squares. There were a LOT of pieces. As the chain got bigger and spilled over onto the floor, it would normally form a huge pile of fabric. However it was so weird, because it formed a circle and kept going around and around. I just had to take a picture.

It's that that hilarious?!?

I also sewed some knitting needle cases. One for my DPNs and one for stray Circular needles that I have.

The only problem with the DPN case, is that it is not big enough. After putting my metal needles in this, I realized I have a lot more bamboo or wooden ones that need a home too. So I need to make another one. Maybe I'll keep all the metal needles in one pouch and the bamboo ones in another? hmm...
My knitting pal Kelly, asked me about making the circular needle case. She saw one and drew me a picture. This is the prototype, because I want to put a flap on it like the DPN case, so that the needles don't fall out of the top. I was using scrap fabrics and while I really like the colors of the DPN case, this one is just a tad gaudy I think.

On the knitting front, I finished my ruffled scarf that I was designing. I need to block it yet. I want to get that done before my knitting retreat, so I can show it off. I made a few changes to the pattern (replaced some K2tog's with SSK's) and figured out how to create a chart from my notes. I plan on re-knitting it from some yarn I bought at Lorna's Laces in Chicago. I think the yarn I used for the original one (Caron Spa Bamboo) is more a DK/Worsted weight, so I'm going to have to adjust my needle size I think, which means doing one of those dreaded guage swatches. Yuck! I'll post a picture of the original one once I have it blocked.

I joined a KAL (knit-a-long) on Ravelry. We are not all doing the same pattern, but just something "babyish" except for those who have done a boatload of baby stuff already. They are doing whatever they want. We're pretty lax about it. Just so that we are all doing something 'together'. I'm knitting Sheldon the Turtle. He is so cute! I have his body, 2 legs and part of his shell done.

I wanna keep him! I wanna keep him! I wanna keep him! But I can't. He is being made for Baby Dawson, so I have give him away. But Dawson's only 6 weeks old he and won't knot the difference right? Right?? Oh OK, I'll give him to Dawson and make another one for myself.

Oh, I almost forgot! My Color Swap partner (Rebecca in NC) got her stuff, so I can now post a picture of the package I sent to her.

And here is the one I got from Susan in FL.

I just love the Alpaca neck warmer! I can't wait for fall/winter, so I can wear it. The Cookie A. Sock Innovation book is wonderful. There are so many that I want to make. The Twizzler's barely lasted long enough for me to take the picture. I had to pace myself on the Chocolate covered coffee beans though, because they pack a caffeine punch.

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troy and christina said...

The needle cases look great. And I just love Sheldon. I don't know why I haven't made one yet. Yours looks really good!